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Hello ,
I integrated on a site the payment button.
I ran all the tests in Sandbox without any problems.
The button is the standard one that is generated to which I added javascript code to change the value and the return page


<div style="max-width:550px; display: inline-block;">
<div id="paypal-button-container"></div>


  createOrder: function (data, actions) {
// This function sets up the details of the transaction, including the amount and line item details.
return actions.order.create({
  purchase_units: [{
amount: {
currencyCode: "EUR",
value: '10',
style: {
disableMaxWidth: true
application_context: {
  shipping_preference: 'NO_SHIPPING'
  onApprove: function (data, actions) {
// This function captures the funds from the transaction.
return actions.order.capture().then(details => {
  // This function shows a transaction success message to your buyer.
//  alert('Transaction completed by ' +;
document.getElementById('loader').style.display = 'none'; // Nasconde il loader
document.getElementById('redirectMessage').style.display = 'block'; // Mostra il messaggio di redirect
setTimeout(function () {
// Effettua il redirect dopo 5 secondi
window.location.href = 'return.asp';
}, 5000);
  onCancel: function (data) {
console.log('Pagamento annullato:', data);
document.getElementById('errorPay').innerHTML = 'Pagamento annullato.';
document.getElementById('errorPay').style.display = 'block';
  onError: function (err) {
console.error('Errore durante il pagamento:', err);
// Accesso al codice e al messaggio di errore specifico
var errorCode = err.code;
var errorMessage = err.message;
switch (errorCode) {
document.getElementById('errorPay').innerHTML = 'Pagamento fallito. Si prega di riprovare.';
document.getElementById('errorPay').style.display = 'block';
document.getElementById('errorPay').innerHTML = 'Pagamento annullato.';
document.getElementById('errorPay').style.display = 'block';
document.getElementById('errorPay').innerHTML = 'Si è verificato un errore durante il pagamento: ' + errorMessage;
document.getElementById('errorPay').style.display = 'block';

what I changed in the transition from sandbox to real is only the client-id
But I can't get the button to work and in the brower console I have these error messages
"err": "Error: /v2/checkout/orders returned status 403 (Corr ID: f8372090db9a9).\n\n{\"name\":\"NOT_AUTHORIZED\",\"details\":[{\"issue\":\"PERMISSION_DENIED\",\"description\":\"You do not have permission to access or perform operations on this resource.\"}],\"message\":\"Authorization failed due to insufficient permissions.\",\"debug_id\":\"f8372090db9a9\",\"links\":[{\"href\":\"\",\"rel\":\"information_link\"}]}\n

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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @SubitoCerchi 


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


From your error message, it appears that the API call to "/v2/checkout/orders" is returning a 403 error, which signifies that the client does not have permission to access the requested resource. This could be due to a number of reasons, including incorrect permissions on your PayPal account and incorrect client credentials. 


 If a third-party eCommerce partner is performing API operation on your behalf, you(i.e merchant) should be on-boarded and necessary API permissions should be granted to the Partner(API Caller). 

Documentation Link: PayPal Multiparty Payments,

Multiparty Seller Onboarding


Merchants can manually grant permission to a third-party eCommerce to access specific information in your PayPal account and perform PayPal API operations on your behalf.


Login to >> Settings >> Account Settings >> Website payments >> API Access >> Pre-built payment solution >> Grant API permission >> Contact your "Third-party software eCommerce" for Third Party Permission Username >> Enter the username.


Documentation link:   Grant a Third Party Permissions


If you are still facing issues, please create an MTS ticket via -  with all the relevant information, including your client ID, the exact API call you're making, and the full error message you're receiving. 





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