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Unwanted Emails

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Hello all!


I am posting here pretty much out of desperation because it seems that PayPal customer service is still out of the picture.  


Maybe a couple months ago I started receiving random emails from PayPal.  The emails are legit, and come from PayPal.  They are not scam emails.  It started with a constant stream of emails claiming I had free 5 dollars to claim.  If I clicked the link to claim the 5 dollars I get a message that says I am ineligible or sometimes just a "page not found".  A few weeks ago I began getting more emails in addition to the 5 dollar one.  The new ones seem to be introductory emails giving me instructions on how to setup certain aspects of my account.  I've had this account forever, why am I getting these all of a sudden.  I have all the general email notifications turned off, and for the past 10 years it has not been a problem.  Now it is.  I checked my settings and the notifications are still turned off, so nothing I can do there.  I've never had to interact with PayPal customer support before, and assumed they would be top notch.  I was shocked to find otherwise.  The customer service I have experienced has been atrocious.  I won't even go into the details.  But in a nutshell, they cannot help.  


The only things I get emails for (or used to) is when I did a transaction.  Whenever I do a PayPal transaction I get an email.  That is good.  That is what I want.  That is ONLY what I want.  I want all other emails to stop!!


At this point I'm assuming I will have to block all emails coming from PayPal in order to stop these additional unwanted emails.  If that ends up being the solution I will be disappointed. 


Anybody else having this going on?  Got any ideas on how to stop it?


Thanx for the help!

- Dylan




Unwanted Emails

New Community Member

I've had a similar problem for a while now. I get a mail from Paypal about a money-savings opportunity, in this case from one of their partners for $10 off. There is no "unsubscribe" at the mail's bottom, only links to my notifications settings which, when I check them again, are all blank (e.g., I haven't asked to for any Marketing notifications at all).  This is unacceptable and am wondering what recourses I have. Customer support experience doesn't sound promising.

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