Shortcut gone on new Kindle Fire

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Recently got a new Kindle Fire. Shortcut for PayPal is gone from my honepage. How do I get it back?

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Hello @CindySueB

Welcome to the PayPal Community! 

I understand you'd like to create a PayPal shortcut on your Amazon Kindle Fire. I completed a quick Google search, and I found these instructions for you. 

1. From your Home screen, tap Apps. 
2. Scroll to your desired app, then touch it and hold. 

3. From there, you should be able to drag and drop it where you want on your Home page. 
4. Touch and hold again to change its placement. 

I hope this information helps you create the shortcut! If you need any further assistance with your Amazing Kindle Fire, you can find Amazon's Help Center at the bottom of their website. Have a lovely day!

- Meghan

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