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Has anyone else been banned from using the Pay in 4 option FOR NO REASON whatsoever?

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I had many transactions ALL PAID OFF ON TIME, then they just took the option away. Many phone calls no resolution. They said there was nothing they could do, yet I continue to see the option every time I buy something online. VERY annoying, I used it often as it made budgeting so much smoother then it just stopped. It does not say anywhere that there is a limit to the number of transactions you can complete using this.


Anyone had this problem with a hint how I can get it back? 😊


Has anyone else been banned from using the Pay in 4 option FOR NO REASON whatsoever?


Hello @MzBW


Welcome to the PayPal Community and thank you for your interest in PayPal's Pay in 4. I'm glad to hear it's worked out for you so far. I am sorry to hear though you've run into some issues using it lately. The option to use Pay in 4 is normally contingent on whether the merchant allows it on their checkout experience, the type of good being purchased, how much the item is, as well as a few other variables our system reviews during each checkout.


Depending on those variables as well as a review by our Security System, the option to use Pay in 4 may or may not be available. Unfortunately, which variable the system sees as unfavorable is not something PayPal is usually able to provide. In those cases, you're welcome to clear your browser's cache, cookies, and history to make sure it's not a browser issue, but you may want to try another funding source in the meantime. 


My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, 


 - Jon K

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