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Feeding metadata about transaction through paypal buy now button

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I have an application that takes an image, and converts the image to a pattern for knitting. I'm using flask to create a website that allows users to upload the image and generates them a GUID.  I'm intending to integrate paypal's Buy Now button mechanism, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to feed my GUID through the html form generated by paypal. 


I've tried using the "Advanced variables" which says the option will be included in the HTML, but the button code that gets generated doesn't have anything different. The documentation for this under the "Learn more" link also leads to a dead end.


Can someone point me to a possible solution for my use case? It would be ideal if I could just feed the GUID as a transaction label or metadata to paypal.  I just need a little push in the right direction or an example to get going.





Feeding metadata about transaction through paypal buy now button




Thanks for asking i have read your entire post and want to discuss few facts why PayPal is not integrated on your website. I knew because I have a experience with a my Dumbbell set site. i have tried all possible to integrate it with my website but i was unable to proceed it. then i have contact with the PayPal support and they said you have to go for PayPal TOS. which will help you to point out your mistake. I read it and then after some time i have tried again after reset all setting from my PayPal. now its working fine with my website.


I suggest you to go for the support to solve your problem.


I hope it helps. if you still have any question please let me know.



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