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"Amount to avoid Standard and Deferred Interest" does not change after making payment?

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I'm new to Paypal Credit and trying to get a feel for it... to avoid paying interest.

My Paypal Credit summary was telling me I had a minimum payment due of $27 and an "Amount to avoid Standard and Deferred Interest" of $75.18.


As a test, I made an early one time payment of $5.18.


Once it cleared, as expected the minimum amount due decreased by $5.18 to $21.82, my available credit increased and my balance decreased.

No surprises except that the "Amount to avoid Standard and Deferred Interest" did not change. It still said $75.18 to avoid interest.

Not understanding why that amount would not have also adjusted to take the payment into consideration, and not wanting to pay interest, I made another payment for $75.18.


That payment has now cleared, minimum due went to zero, balance decreased, available credit went up as expected.

But "Amount to avoid Standard and Deferred Interest" still says $75.18 to avoid interest despite having already paid more than that.

Shouldn't that number have changed to zero too? To let me know where I stand?


Not a big deal since I can keep track of what I've paid but I'm confused why that number doesn't change. And I don't what to get hit with surprise interest.

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