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pay in 4, how long should it take to authorise?

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I purchased some items and choose pay in four, this was 12 hours ago, and it is still sitting as waiting for authorisation. This has never happened before, any advise would be appreciated.



pay in 4, how long should it take to authorise?


Hello @tottys,


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When making a purchase with Pay in 4, we’ll conduct a pre-authorization hold on your specified payment method for an amount equal to the initial payment or one-fourth of your total transaction amount. This will show as a pending authorization within your PayPal Account Activity and also at your financial institution. Once you complete your purchase with Pay in 4 and the merchant ships your goods, the pending authorization will be removed and the initial payment will be withdrawn from your specified payment method. If you don’t complete your Pay in 4 transactions, the pending authorization will be automatically voided by PayPal within 72 hours of the pre-authorization hold. Please note, in some instances, your financial institution may take longer to remove the authorization after receiving the void request from PayPal.


Hope this helps

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