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<removed>Station is a disaster

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I want to start by saying that, for what it's worth, I am a charter member of Paypal. That is, I have had the same account since Paypal bought Confinity in 2001. I have seen Paypal evolve through many phases and overall, have been very pleased with the service. However, the recent switch to Ship Station, to say the least, has been a disaster for me and many others as can be seen from comments on multiple threads. That being said, I will cotinue to use Paypal as my primary payment service. However, as long as they use Ship Station as the shipping provider, starting today, I will other methods for shipping. On a final note, after all the evolution I have seen here, this is the worst decision that Paypal has ever made.


<removed>Station is a disaster


I couldn't agree with you more!!!!! ShipStation is a complete DISASTER and the worst thing PayPal has ever done!

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