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Where is my draft invoice? And where is my list of all invoice activity? Thanks.

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Hello @pollysap,


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I understand your concern about the invoice. You can view your invoices by going to the Invoicing section in your PayPal account. On this page, you have many options on how to find the specific invoice(s) you are looking for, how to sort them, and more. Please take a look at this help center article to know more information about invoicing.


Here's are the steps to find draft invoice:

-Go to the PayPal invoice manager to manage your drafts and sent invoices. 

-Select an invoice to view it, or select the three dots next to each invoice to see options like Print, Download PDF, and Share. 





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There isn't any obvious way to get to the invoice manager. Fortunately, I found it by creating a new invoice, then clicking "back to invoices." Alternatively, you could try this direct link: https://www.paypal.com/invoice/s/manage

This process, it seems, could use some improvement.

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