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Useless invoice form.

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How is it possible that a global cash flow management company can't share a valid invoicing form.

Why You cannot enter a tax identification numer box (field) for clients – buyer? There is simply no such field. Since the form provides such a field for the seller. Why there is no such a field for the buyer? Your invoices are currently worthless and I cannot use your program for this purpose.

Today I got a reply from the Help Desk that there is no such option after the form changes. Congratulations PayPal


Useless invoice form.

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Maybe it’s a privacy concern for some users. For the time being, seller can enter tax ID information in the “Notes to recipient” or “Message to customer” field. If seller is sending estimate, you can request changes or additions, including asking the seller to add tax ID before accepting and converting estimate to an invoice.


invoicing within account.

Invoicing from PayPal online templates/invoice maker.




Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Useless invoice form.


Or better, as the Help Desk suggested. Attach your invoice from another program to ours and you're done. Easy. You just need to have an additional program and more time...
Privacy is not an explanation when I have fields for my name and address, why not a tax number?
In the old invoicing option there was an item "Additional information" which was permanently assigned to the customer. As a result, data always appeared when I used the profile.
After the changes, this field is no longer on the invoice. In return, I have to manually enter the number in a "note field" in each invoice and find the customer's tax number because I do not remember them. Easier? Rather not.
In addition, the "Note" appears at the bottom of the invoice and not next to personal data, i.e. where everyone expects it. Effect? I have phone calls asking where the tax number is on the invoice. Easier? No.
And you can simply make a field or, as it was in the previous invoicing, provide the field "Other customer data" on the invoice.
But apparently Pay Pal can't handle it.

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