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Reduce my PayPal credit is there anyway I can freeze it

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Struggling to get my PayPal credit down I pay monthly but the account balance is rising with interest how can I stop this

Reduce my PayPal credit is there anyway I can freeze it

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Pay more than the minimum amount. Minimum amount goes towards interest, easy payments installments, fees. If minimum amount is larger of interest, easy payments installments, fees combined, then what’s left over + any in excess of minimum amount goes towards paying the amount you owe down which then will be charged less in interest next month and so on. It also help to cease making new purchases on your PayPal Credit.


See Payment Allocation section in the credit agreement.

Also, visit this page, see Persistent Debit section, question 4:


Took me about 18 years to pay off my cc debt so now debt free (or pay I off bill monthly). I did it by just spending on the absolute essential, cheaply, and cut out expenses I don’t need in favor of paying more than minimum amount on the bill. As the interest amount shrink, and no new purchases, the minimum amount eventually begins to start paying off the principal amount.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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