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PayPal debit card charge declined for large amount, Pre authorization?

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Was at a doctor's office, tried to make a large payment using my PayPal Mastercard debit card. It was declined. Called the number on the back of the card, the representative ended up transferring me to Card Services (not sure if that was the actual name) saying that it was out of the scope of what he was able to help with. Get transferred, the automated voice asks me for my account number or card number and last four of ss#. Enter both (several times) and it keeps telling me it doesn't recognize my card number. It then disconnected me without the option of talking to a person. Call PayPal again, get another representative. Explain the situation, the dropped call, what I want to do. The representative tells me that when trying to charge the card, that PayPal does a risk analysis etc, and declined to authorize/let the charge through. I asked if I can just inform them that I'm making a payment, if they can authorize the charge since I'm talking to them and letting them know that yes, it is I that am making the payment, it's not a scam, whatever. She said no. (Side note, isn't it pretty much standard practice to do that?). I asked what my options were and was told that I can 1) wait 24hrs and try again, but that it's not guaranteed that it will go through 2) try making smaller payments all at once ($1000× however many times it takes) 3) have them (the doctor's office) send me a payment request through paypal, (which my doc office does not do nor have a paypal account) 4) pay another way. I don't have a bank account, hence why I use PayPal for my direct deposit, use their card to pay for things, and don't have another way/means to pay. All of my stuff is through paypal. How do I get them to allow me to make a big payment to a legitimate service/company? Do I have to contact Mastercard itself? Can I do that even though it's a paypal card? Any help would be great, I'm not really sure what to do or if there's anyone or anything I have to specifically ask for.

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