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PayPal Here: Description not showing on email receipt

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PayPal here error: when entering a note for a transaction when charging a customer the note (description) no longer shows up on the PayPal receipt email I get. This is making our bookkeeping immensely difficult right now. I need to see the note/description entered so me and the bookkeeper know what that payment was for. Example - I render a training session with a client and I put in: Student Name - 1 on 1 - Coach Name. This note would normally show but for the past 7-10 days or so it doesn’t work anymore. The note is available in the PP Here app but it’s not showing on the receipt email I get. Please help. We have a giant event coming up in a week and need this working or else it’ll be complete chaos when we do over 250 transactions at our biggest camp of the year.


PayPal Here: Description not showing on email receipt


Hi dakicka, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member! 


Your question is very account specific and we would be unable to tell you why this has happened over a public forum. I would suggest contacting us via Facebook - https://www, Twitter - @AskPayPal., chat or phone and we would be happy to advise.


- Siobhan

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