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PayPal Credit but full amount pending in bank

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Anyone had any issues when using PayPal credit. Ordered from Samsung, said it would be £18.88 per month on PayPal credit so selected that. Checked my bank and the full amount is pending! No one seems to know whats happening and the guy at Samsung said PayPal may have just taken the full amount but surely that is not acceptable yet my Samsung order is still saying I am paying £18.88 a month but PayPal is showing full amount!

PayPal Credit but full amount pending in bank


Hello @kgh76,


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I understand the confusion about the payment. In this case, the best way to get more clarification on this and to resolve this issue is by contacting our customer service so that one of our advisors can assist you further. For account related information, please contact customer service by clicking contact at the bottom of the PayPal website to see the contact options.


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