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Pay in 4 / 0% for 4 Months Loop Fix & Solution (Maybe)

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Solution or pure luck and I'm guessing luck but when trying to "Pay in 4" I keep getting looped around in circles.
After the 7th try I got lucky or maybe it was because of below.

I found clicking Pay by "PayPal Credit" then going through the steps and selecting "0% for 4 Months" made it push to a new page and stop looping.

The continue to payment button doesn't look like "pay in 4" was selected so long as you clicked "0% for 4 Months"

The payment will go through at "0% for 4 Months"


On my PayPal Credit, my Payment went through as Pay in 4

Trying to Pay via "PayPal" then trying to select "PayPal credit".. will loop you around.lkjlkjlkjl.JPG


If you get stuck looping here, try to select Pay with "PayPal credit" (See photo below)



Select Pay with "PayPal credit" then select your credit options/offer.



This could have been pure luck though.

Try this method and play around selecting different options as I found it did get me onto the next page.

Also, the info blocked/drawn over isn't sensitive.


Done on Windows 10, PC, Chrome

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