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New invoice full of bugs

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This new invoice seem to be full of bugs. So frustrating.  

Date fields (both the main invoice date and item date) randomly roll back the dates??? like a counter rolling back and wont stop until I click on them ? If I don't move fast enough it will land on sometime on year 2002. 🤔  Then the page crashes. 

Date field is sometimes edible. sometimes isn't . sometimes the little icon next to it allows you to click and have a pop up calendar.. sometimes it doesn't. 

Copying an old invoice (that's how I create a new invoice ... instead of entering all the info each time). I get an un-editable random dates on items. and ... then the page crashes. 
Creating a new invoice from scratch puts yesterday's date on the invoice and doesn't allow me to update the date field to today's . 
automatically adding a new item line, even if I don't need another. then it forces me to delete it. 
Item name in pull down list is case sensitive ???????? 😂
I am unable to invoice at the moment. this is crazy.  

Those are just a few. This is not the first time PayPal is rolling out to production invoices that are full of bugs. haven't they heard of debugging ? Q & A ???
I am currently unable to be paid for my services as I cannot invoice anyone. This is madness. 
Any tips would be highly appreciated. 


New invoice full of bugs


Hello @ZoeRubi,


I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues with the our invoicing tool. The issues you've described sound sound like they are either device or browser based. If you're on a mobile device, have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? Or if you're using our service through a mobile or desktop browser, have you tried clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and history? Normally that does the trick. If you have any old templates with outdated saved items, you may want to delete those templates as well. 


I hope that helps, good luck!


 - Jon K

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