My store's first order using paypal express payment has not processed



Recently, my store received it's first sale.  This sale was made through the PayPal Express Checkout method.  The order screen told me

"Payment is pending

PayPal Express Checkout is still processing this order's payment. To make sure you get paid, wait for the payment to be successful before fulfilling this order."
Now, it has been 8 days, and still no payment...
A little backstory, I have changed the mail I use to sign into my shopify admin account twice, as the website was built for me by someone else.  The email I used to make my paypal account is the email I use NOW to sign into my shopify.  The email used to create the site I do not have access to.  But the paypal account integrated with my shopify store still has not received the payment.  Does anyone know how this can be solved?  I have tried contacting both support methods with no avail.  On shopify, it says the payment was authorized and I have the transaction ID, but no payment in my PayPal account still.
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