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How to test a Paypal "Buy Now" button using Sandbox.

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Hi there.

I created a "Buy Now" button using Paypal's own button creating section and placed it in my website.

I then tried testing the veracity of the button and coding using their sandbox, but like many other Paypal customers I was unable to do it.

I have read many, many such threads and none of the answers or advice given work for me.

The "help" pages on Paypal seem to assume I have a degree in ecommerce practices and a phd in computer programming. I do not.


I have managed to create personal and business imaginary accounts, but have so far been unable to use them, mostly because the Paypal payment process does not accept my "email" and "password" - all supplied by Paypal.


Put simply, I have a Paypal "Buy Now" button and I would like someone, using simple terms, to explain the steps and the processes I need to take to complete this project. (I have spent weeks on this)


Can someone help me please?

Thank you in advance.

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