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Payment Pending

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I have a fraudulent payment going out and it is pending. I want to cancel but there is no cancel button available, I cannot stop this while in pending  mode due to failure on PayPal site 


Payment Pending

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No failure, you can't cancel a pending payment unless its pending /unclaimed with a cancel option due to it being sent to a non existent email address.

You can only cancel a pending payment if its gone to a non existent email address and has a cancel option as the payment can't ever complete.

If its gone to an email address that does exist but not yet linked to a paypal account then as long as its not claimed by that email address (by them setting up a paypal account) then it will be time out 30 days post payment.

If its pending awaiting authorisation to a company then you ask the company to cancel your order and not to capture the pending payment...then again it will time out 30 days post payment.

If its a pending echeque then once its cleared you can ask the seller to refund it back to you as you can't cancel a pending echeque.

Lastly if it completes then you can open a dispute for non receipt of item OR not as described (for more info read buyer protection).

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