How long would it take for the refunded money to appear either on my Debit Card or Paypal account?

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I read a lot of posts in this forum and it seems that tons of people are having the same problem as I do. 


I purchased an item from a seller (niether Ebay or Amazon) via paypal account. The seller contacted me the next day to tell me they couldn't ship the item to the hotel so they would refund my full amount of money I paid. 


I checked my Paypal account later that day, it appeared the transaction activity that my purchase was refunded and the gross amount showed -$390.00 (the same amount I paid the seller). By the way it didn't show up on my Paypal Balance. 


I checked my bank account hoping it would be there, unfortunately, it wasn't. The only transaction I saw in my bank account is the money transferred to Paypal to pay the seller the other day. 


I called the seller asking if they really issued the refund. They did refund the full amount I paid on the same day they told me my purchase could not be processed and they also gave me their refund's transaction number. It's been three days now I'm waiting for my money to show up either in Paypal Balance or my debit card account. 


As I went through the forum, I've seen any answer from PAYPAL at all about the refund issues. I really don't know what to do. I'm waiting for another 2 days maybe. I'll contact Paypal. 


Anybody have any idea what's going with our money?

Paypal, would you please make the refund as easy and quick as you take my money out of my account? 



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How you receive your refund will depend on how you originally paid.  First, make sure you check the status of the original payment and that it indicates it was refunded. 


If you paid via credit card or debit card, PayPal will credit the funds back to your card.  While PayPal sends the money back immediately, your card company may take up to 48 hours to claim the funds.  After that, they allow themselves up to 30 days to apply the credit to your account.  How long this portion takes is up to your card issuer.  However, most card issuers are very understanding about credits and will apply them much, much sooner.  For more information on how long it takes your card issuer to apply credits, please contact your card issuer.


If you paid via a bank transfer, PayPal will place the funds into your PayPal account balance.  If the payment was refunded within 3-5 business after you made the payment, you may not see it placed in your balance immediately.  This is because the bank transfer is still processing in the background (PayPal will often pay your merchant in advance while we wait for the bank transfer).  As soon as it finishes processing, it will be placed in your balance.


For more information on using your bank with PayPal, please see this post.





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it has been more then 48 hrs for me. what do i do???

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@lilmissmommy81 wrote:

it has been more then 48 hrs for me. what do i do???

Contact your card issuer to find out how long it will take for them to credit your account.



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