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Purchase not complete, money taken out

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Hi community! So I just tried to make a purchase on bobs discount furniture. While completing my order it said there was a complication with my PayPal payment and it did not complete my order. However it did take out the money from my PayPal account. Help! What do I do?

Purchase not complete, money taken out

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What does it say next to the transaction in your Paypal account?

1. Pending (with a clearance date on both Paypal accounts

= Echeque and will clear on approx that date.

2. Pending/Unclaimed with a cancel option

= email address spelling error, as that email address is invalid it can't be linked to a Paypal account, so cancel it.

3. Pending/Unclaimed without a cancel option

= email address is valid but not yet linked to a Paypal account. Will time out 30 days post payment if not claimed by someone opening a Paypal account when it may COMPLETE.

4. Payment/Completed or Sent

= you may have to raise a dispute for non receipt if that person won't refund the funds. However if its a family/friends payment then you won't have that option and may have to contact your card issuer if you funded your Paypal payment that way.

5. Pending awaiting authorisation = normally to a company and will complete when they capture the payment and process your order. If they don't it should time out 30 days post payment.

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