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Location Pennsylvania USA

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Tried to transfer $600. from my PayPal account to my bank account but PayPal had locked my account because of "suspicious activity". I called PayPal customer service who told me to BUY gift cards from Walmart and Target to get my money released. PayPal said the money for the gift cards would NOT come from my bank account so I followed their instructions. However, $500. WAS TAKEN from my bank account for the cards after they assured me numerous times funds would not come from my bank account. They ordered online a Walmart gift card $200. which was sent to my PO box per email from Walmart. So now PayPal owes me $900. and wants me to enter my bank account/debit card information again!! I refuse to do that after believing they would not take my money from my bank but they did. I just want my money from my PayPal account ($600.) and the money PayPal used from my bank account ($300.). I've never heard of anyone being told to go by gift cards instead of being refunded cash. I want my money and have spent hours and hours and hours on the phone with PayPal reps with no results. I've never known a company to ask its clients to go to Walmart to buy gift cards in order to get the client's money!!! Today I again refused to use my debit card or bank information on gift card sites and the rep said he had no option but to close the case because I would not cooperate with him. He hung up on me. Can somebody please help with advice how to get my money refunded from PayPal? Thank you very much.

Location Pennsylvania USA

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Its a SCAM.

It would not be paypal customer services that you called it would be a FAKE number inserted into google search and pretending to be paypal customer services OR they send you fake Paypal emails with their FAKE phone number on it.

That is why paypal NEVER post their phone number on this forum.

The only way to get the real paypal customer services number is via help / contact bottom left of paypal pages.
The scammers will always try to get you to buy vouchers or ask for sensitive financial account information which Paypal customer services would never do.

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