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Hey my money just vanishes ?? why ??

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Hi ! I'd like to ask about a reacquiring problem that happens with my paypal balances almost frequently . I have reached out with this very same problem before I think maybe one or two times (not this has been happening i think maybe for the past 2 or so years now ) where I provided evidence & such . Although I'm currently unable to provide said screenshots my problem is the same - where the BALANCE (whether it's my country's HUF currency or USD) always fluctuates despite me not doing anything with it. Nothing comes up about it within my activity feed either, certain amounts of money (usually between 20$ usd and 2$ usd) just sometimes vanish from my paypal wallet, and this has been only resolved somewhat just once before. This time I'd very much would like to request a more in depth look into it since last time that sadly didn't happen, just anything helps because I'm unsure if this really is just a ME problem or if anyone else has also had the same happen to them, Thank you in advance .
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