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Do Venmo and Paypal share my contact info?

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I just got an email from paypal thanking me for updating my phone number on my account, which I didn't do. I did however open up a Venmo account 3 days ago, would that update my paypal account?


Do Venmo and Paypal share my contact info?

I conclude that Venmo and PayPal do indeed share contact info. We're only two data points, but given the near-identical situation, this seems very likely. Lag time between joining Venmo and getting that same email alert myself, was only one day. For you it was three. But other than that, they are precisely the same sequence of events. Thus, looks likely the reason we each got that alert email ("You added your phone number to your account") was the fact that we each had just joined Venmo after having had PayPal accounts already without phone number associated.

Do Venmo and Paypal share my contact info?

PayPal Employee
Hi tgravely1,

Thank you for contacting forum. I fully understand your concern that if Paypal provide any of your personal information. Paypal's top priority is everyone's security and protection. Paypal is running business for more than a decade now. Paypal is not providing your personal information to anyone, rest assured that all of your information inside paypal database are secured and protected.

Hope this will answer your queries.

Thank you,

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