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What do I do? Help please

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I sold over 100 pounds of vintage to now jewelry and the buyer said it was junk and then filed a false claim saying it was all hand made. I have pics of the merchandise over 2,000 and pics of our messages in which it shows she is lying and created a false claim. I tried to send in copies of messages and merchandise but it would not go. I tried several times to send it but it never would go thru. I responded that I had the proof she was lying and asked how to send them in to prove my case.

now PayPal says I have to pay her back. But I didn't get the chance to prove my case.

i sold everything I had to her thru a group on facebook and messenger because my husband was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness in its advanced stages involving his lungs and his heart function is low. I had to have the money to get our affairs in order and pay a lawyer. All of this was stated in my original sale post along with pics of items to be sold. I have a facebook page and she asked for a link to check it out so I sent it.

i was asking $1500 for all items and she offered $500 I said no, she offered $1000 I said yes that that amount would be enough to pay lawyers. 

Here is MY. SECOND POST  because several had asked for smaller lots

I have decided to break down all the jewelry that I have for sale into flat rate boxes stuffed as full as I can get them. There is over 100 pounds of jewelry.

All of my boxes may contain gold, silver, glass, wood, plated, or other material, costume, vintage to now jewelry.


Watches have not been tested by me do not know if they work or not.
I do go through all jewelry to sort it into groups, I do not clean or test for metals or stones. ( some prefer items to not be cleaned) and most is bagged separately.

No guarantees are made on type, condition, quality of jewelry after it is boxed and sent. I do take pics of jewelry so buyer can see what they are getting before it is boxed and shipped.


All items are sold "AS IS" no returns, I try to take clear pics and identify any broken or missing parts I see.
I try to put all broken pieces and pieces with missing stones, single earrings, and ect in craft lot boxes, but I may miss a few.

Prices INCLUDE shipping PayPal only!,

(A & B) $400 each
Brooches in 2 small flat rate boxes stuffed. I did not sort they them I just filled boxes. I stopped adding at $1500 so if you sell at my marked price you will definitely make money.
Brand names on brooches include, Disney, Danecraft, precious moments, Gerrys, AJC, NR, AJMC, Edgar Berebi, AAI, WA, DC Cook Elgin, AK, Giovanni, Monet, MJEnt, Avon, Emmons, Sarah Cov., and more.

(C) $50
pack of lapel pins and a few brooches.

(D & E) $200 each
Earring pairs in small boxes stuffed. Brand names include Coro, Avon, Monet, Lia Sophia, Roman, and more.

(F). $200
Craft lot also has wearable items

(G, H, I, J) $400 each
Necklaces and bracelets medium boxes stuffed as full as I can get them half bracelets and half necklaces in each one and most is in bags.

Misc. lot. $500
Medium box, also added jewelry to make full box
Zeiss Ikon Contessa camera, Handy Hannah stand up blow dryer, Argus light meter, cast door knockers, buttons, button covers, and more.

Rings $500
All rings pictured in small box.
If sold at the prices I have on them it is over $2,000 worth of rings.
Mostly 925. And stainless steel there is at least one gold ring with rubies, maybe more. Brand names including Uncas and others.

As a lot of you already know my husband was diagnosed tues 4-24-18 with a terminal illness and it's in its advanced stage.
He has advanced pulmonary fibrosis and the same night they brought a meter for him to wear to measure his oxygen while he sleeps.
Thursday they brought an oxygen machine and tanks for him. His oxygen kept dropping yesterday and he went to dr today they wanted to make sure he don't have pneumonia since there has been so many changes in less than a week.
So today they are bringing him a portable oxygen unit to use. And ordered a ct scan for chest and heart. He has already had 4 stints, triple by pass and 7 heart attacks one was after the surgery.
I was just getting to doing pretty good with selling and now I need to sell it all to have money for getting our affairs in order I go to lawyer on May 8
I think my husband is going down hill quickly because his oxygen level stays low and he is tired all the time he has all the signs of last stage of this disease his fingers and toes are even starting to look funny.
As I said in the other post his mother died in January after 3 week of breathing difficulty she became septic and everything shut down.
And they had to make the decision to unplug her and let her go.
My husband has been coughing for at least 2 years but it has gotten worse lately.
I'm not asking nor do I want any hand outs if you want to help us please buy some of the stuff I have for sale, and pray a lot

Please send me a message as I might not be on line as much.
I have a page with pics of most items listed if you want to see better pics.

Now my buyer is saying I lied and it was all junk, but in a message she says there is coro which looks like it was repaired. She is speaking of a pair of coro earrings, so 

lie #1 I did not lie to her I posted it as vintage to now

lie #2 it was not all junk, coro is not junk

lie #3 it was not all handmade, Coro that is signed can't be hand made by me

so considering she has lied and posted evidence she lied I'm not sure that she would send me back ALL the items I sent her.

i think she is having buyers remorse and or she is going to take out the good stuff and send back what she didn't want and expect me to pay for shipping and merchandise I may or may not get back.

i think it is wrong for PayPal to say I have to send her money back when I have not even had a chance to submit my evidence to confirm she has filed a FALSE CLAIM.

i have pics of messages from my other buyers stating that they were very satisfied with my service to them, and that they saw the pics and she had no reason to complain because she saw the pics before I shipped she knew what she was getting before it was shipped. I sent her 9 med flat rate boxes stuffed as full as I could get them and she said she got the 9 boxes, it went to a p o box address can anyone tell me how I can send pics to PayPal to prove she is lying??

and another thing PayPal gives you a limited amount of words to be used to defend yourself and that is wrong also, because it may take more or less words to defend your case.

and I sat up all night one night trying to send pics and even created a file to send but it kept kicking it out, even wrote a long description but it kicked it out also, would not send it. I asked several times how I could send my pics to them and they did not respond or tell me a way to send my pics and messages to prove she is lying and filed a false claim and that she was just having buyers remorse.   Pleae tell me how I can send pics and messages to prove my case. Because I do not have the money to pay her back, I used it for lawyer fees to get living will and power of attorney and other legal issues involving my and my husbands affairs in order so when he does pass away I will not loose my home and land.

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