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Photography & Buyer Protection Scam

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I have had a case brought up against me in regards to photography services I provide.


I had recently done a photo shoot for a company who contacted me, and would only pay via paypal.


I agreed with the customer the the total price for the shoot and stated that the initial payment of half the total will need to be paid before the photo shoot commenced.


I received payment and set to work on the shoot. After the shoot I showed the customer examples of the photos, he was happy for me to proceed editing & finalising them. 


Once I had finished I had told the customer that I would require the second half of the payment to release the photos which he went blank and stopped replying. he began to say how the pictures were not good enough and hes not happy with them, going on a rant etc. (my peers said the quality provided by me was very high). 


He then put in a dispute against me saying  items not received and that I haven't given him the final product. As is standard with most photographers the full images are not released until full and final payment has been made.


I showed paypal my evidence of working & photos from the shoot plus screen captures of the edits I have done but they have ruled in his favour.


Customer services said that because the buyer put items not received rather than quality of service he has been refunded.


Now surely to me this is a little ridiculous as I have provided the service in full, and that i needed the second half of the payment to release the final images.


I have tried to appeal but they wont let me. Where do I stand?



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