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PayPal purchase protection (industrial machinery)

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I won an auction on eBay but there is a problem with payment. Every time I attempt to pay eBay sends an error saying (one or more sellers are not accepting payment at this time). The seller sounds genuine and claims he is attempting to fix the problem with eBay. He also presented the option of sending an invoice through PayPal to facilitate the sale. My problem is that I am not sure if item in question would be considered industrial machinery which would make ineligible for buyer protection. It is an autocollimator, which is an optical measuring device that is used in labs and machine way inspection. In other words it is a fancy measuring tool. It is also concerning to me that going around eBay May also make ineligible for buyer protection considering the link between eBay and PayPal. I do not believe this seller is a scammer but this is a costly item and I do not want to lose my money! Thank you for any reply’s wpadgett2

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