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I am being robbed to make a buyer that admited they messed up whole

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I sold a laser on eBay that specified what handgun it is t be used for. The ad has a photo of the laser on a certain model and the title states the certain model. the ad also states in red bold text the laser does NOT fit on compact models. The buyer sent me a photo of my laser not fitting on her compact that the ad specifically stated it would not fit and she said she did not know much about guns. It would be a good idea to read the ad or ask but no. She wanted me to pay for return shipping so she could buy another one from me to try. She opened a case on me saying not as described and does not fit. So it put the return shipping to pay for, refund the original shipping cost to the buyer leaving it out of MY pocked and get an item that I have to sell as used. This is bad when the markup is so low so I lose money selling it now. All of this because a buyer can't read or ask questions. I send PayPal the screen shots of her gun she sent, the photo in my ad screen shots of the 2 guns on the academy website to show which is which and yet PayPal think the best course of action is to refund her. how to i apply for seller protection? If PayPal want to reward people for not reading ads they can pay for it. I object out of principal, the customer is NOT always right and picking my pocket it wrong.

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