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Chargeback fee

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Hello everyone,

my story is a little bit more complicated, so I would appreciate every little bit of help, I am on verge of crying and don't know what to do...


I sold some virtual goods (in-game items) on my own server I run. It has been around 25 transactions for smaller and bigger amounts. One day I logged into my PayPal account and noticed most of the money gone. Each of these transactions has been charged back. After some investigation, I discovered it was a kid who pretended to be older and used parents' credit card to buy from me. So I got in contact with his parents and decided to give them their money back since I don't want to be making money off of children stealing money from parents in time of COVID and right before Christmas. Since there was already a dispute at PayPal and they confirmed having money back on their account I left it like that, thinking if I don't dispute the claim PayPal will not dispute it with Bank and all will be well...


Today I logged in and saw that some of the disputes are shown as completed, but each of them charged around 15 euro as a fee! And on top of that, another 230euros was deducted from my account and there is no sign of why! I have not found it in my payment listings or anywhere!

Please help me, there are still around 20 disputes and if I get charged 15 euro for each of them or more I won't be able to pay it!

As they say... do good and bad will come in return.... 

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