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Buyers Remorse Cost Me Money

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I am a small seller on eBay and sold an item to a buyer in Australia.  She had buyers remorse and told me that she did not want the item and put a return in with eBay before the item had even arrived. I do not accept returns and eBay found in my favour.  My buyer then declined the item when it went out for delivery and told Australian Post to return it to sender. She then opened a dispute with PayPal stating item not received.  I gave PayPal the tracking details which clearly showed what had happened, but they said that although the item was out for delivery, it hadn’t been physically delivered because my buyer had refused the item, therefore they found in her favour and not only refunded her the money she had paid to me, but also chargebacks.  This really doesn’t seem right or fair on me the seller. It was an expensive item, not only have I lost money from the sale, paid PayPal fees, paid chargebacks, I still haven’t received my item back.  If I hadn’t sent the item, or it had been lost that would be a different matter, but my buyer actually saw the package and just said no.  There must be some sort of protection for the seller. Can anyone help me please, I feel well and truly duped.

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