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Buyer problem

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I had listed a screen as faulty, broken not working, but the buyer claimed that it was not working when it was delivered to him and i am forced to accept his return. I can only accept his return if i am paid my shipping fees. eBay is a ridiculous place, because they have left so many things open. PayPal put my payment on hold (and it looks like i own this guy his refund) - i would give him his refund, if i had done something wrong. If i was not not adequately describing the condition of what i was selling, or if i made a faulty claim that it works, i would accept the return. I could accept the return if i did not have to pay for shipping out of my pocket (and loose the shipping expenses). The way eBay treated me is as follows: because the buyer claimed that the screen arrived not as described (when it was described adequately) he opened a case after i opened a "buyer claimed item not as described" claim. Because he opened a case, my funds are on hold, so basically, he will either get to be refunded by eBay buyer protection, (which means that he gets to keep the item for free), or he will have to return the item back, but I also loose my shipping expenses/fees. Either way, he opened a false claim, he is misusing the buyer protection. Either way, the system is riged. Every time, a buyer might claim something was not as expected, and they get to keep the item, and sellers get to loose their payments. For that matter, the buyer would be best off, should he purchase things locally, not hide in anonymity.

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