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Buyer claims that the item is fake after 5 months of use, how do I avoid getting scammed?

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I sold a Louis Vuitton belt 5 ish months ago through Grailed. The buyer has now filed a claim and a dispute that the item I have sold him is fake. This is absolutely absurd because the item I sold is authentic and there is an endless amount of possibilities that the buyer could've done to the item to make it appeal to their claim. Literally, the only message that the buyer said was "fake item" and no further detail. How do I combat this to ensure that I don't get scammed for my money?


This is what I said back to his claim (the case is being reviewed right now):

This is a false accusation. The buyer has had 4+ months to do anything they want with the item. They could've either swapped the item or are just saying it's fake just to get their money back. If you were to have told me you were unsatisfied with the item in a more reasonable amount of time I would've issued a refund. However, after 4+ months there is an endless possibility of things that you could've done to make it appeal to your claim.


Thank you to anyone who can provide some assistance. 


Buyer claims that the item is fake after 5 months of use, how do I avoid getting scammed?


Hi @Jacobdoug147,


Thank you for your post!


I am sorry about your issue. Buyers have 180 days to open a case, according to our Buyer Protection Policy. 


If your case is under review, after the investigation, the relevant department will inform you about the outcome of the case. You can find here, more information on our Seller Protection Policy.


If you need further assistance, please try contacting customer service by phone by clicking Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website and then Call us, or reach out via private message through Facebook or send a direct message through Twitter.


I hope this helps.



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