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Paypal is spamming me with the same authentication code over and over.

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Hello everyone.


I had a problem where 2fa sms code was not arriving.  After some trouble, I managed to update the phone number from a logged device.

I removed the old number (I have double SIM) both from the account information and the 2fa.

Currently there is only my "new" number.


It's been 3 days, every 15 minutes I receive a message fro[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]with the same identical code (so messages are identical).

I receive this message to the "old" number which is not connected to Paypal anymore.


I call Paypal Italy (my "new number is italian) and they tell me that I need to call Paypal hungary (old number). 
There's no **bleep** customer service for Paypal hungary. No number to call, if you try the online chat/message help. At every hour of the day it says "our assistants are not online, please contact in business hours".


WTH. Any help appreciated.

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