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Cant Close account

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I cant Close my Paypal account because there is $5 on my Paypal account and i cant withdraw it to my bank account because the limit is $10 and so i cant close my account because that $5 is stuck on my paypal account is there  a solution where i can just throw this $5 ? idk what to do with it i cant even withdraw $5 , the lowest i can withdraw is $10 and i ask the support they keep on sending same template of email which make me annoyed that the support cant even find a solution.


Cant Close account


Hi @SilverZenitH,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post!

I am sorry to hear about your negative experience. I do understand your concern. In order to close a PayPal account, the balance must be zero. 


As you currently have funds available on your PayPal balance, you have two options. We have a process where anyone that no longer wants their funds, can donate their balance to a charity. We have a few supported charities to choose from.


Your second option is, you can transfer the funds to a friend or family members PayPal account. Simple send your balance as a payment, and they will be able to receive it into their PayPal account. 


If you want to proceed with the donation, please contact our Customer Support. To contact us, simply click here. Alternatively, you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter @AskPayPal.

I hope this helps!


- Rachel 



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