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trouble changing primary email

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I have tried to change my primary email on paypal, followed all the instructions go on to verify new email, replied to request then paypal asks me to log in to confirm reg of email, only it has the email i am trying to confirm as log in id not the one that is reg to the account, so obviously when i type in my password and hit log in it says "cannot log you in contact customer services"

The email that is displayed on the verify log in screen cannot be changed it is locked in.


Anyone got any ideas on this?

many thanks



trouble changing primary email

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Go and click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > click on the + and add another/new email address first > verify it > go back and click on update and tick the box underneath that says make primary > then you should get the remove option by the old now no longer primary email. You can remove that one or leave it on as you can have up to 8 email addresses on the one paypal account.

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