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cannot delete my account

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I am a european citizen, i wanted to make a buisness account because i open a new eshop store.

I started making the account, i linked my email and start putting personal info at states and adresses i saw only US states(alabama,texas etc) when i realize i am in US paypal i stoped putting more info and closed my browser, after that i manage to make a european buisness account i linked my personal email bank accounts and all my personal info.

So my EU paypal is ok everything working perfect but now i have a major problem my buisness email is linked to the US account that i made by a mistake and this account is permantly locked i cannot close it or remove the email.

The email i linked to the us account is everywere on my physical store and my eshop ,it is also on my buisness cards, facebook etc

i want the account i made by mistake to close because i am NOT a US citizen and my buisness email to be free so i can link it to my EU account.


cannot delete my account

PayPal Employee

Hi @botsiou 


Here is how to close account

If you are unable to login to your US PayPal account or if there is any restrictions on your account then please contact our PayPal customer support




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