Your browser sent a query this server could not understand


After I loggin into Paypal APP in my Android phone and try to open PaypalCredit I got this message: "Bad request. Your browser sent a query this server could not understand".


I found several recomendations like to clean cache and cookies in my browser but none of them solve my problem. I did it too in the APP. Also update the APP but it seems nothing change.

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Hello @dimas0566

Thanks for posting in the Community! 

I'm sorry you're having trouble accessing PayPal Credit through our PayPal App. Please reach out to our Customer Support for additional assistance. You can also reach us on Facebook Private Message or Twitter Direct Message. In the meantime, you may be able to access your PayPal Credit information through a mobile web browser or by contacting Synchrony Bank

I hope this helps! 

- Meghan

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