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Unable to get my developer onto my business account.

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I have a business account - I can't believe PayPal answered my question with "You need a business account not a personal account and then told me how to get a business account."  Of course I have a business account, can't you see that from my userid?



Under Account Settings.  I clicked on Manage Users - update

I clicked on add user.  I filled in all the info and clicked next

I clicked on "Access APIs and developer support site."  Then clicked continue.  Then clicked done.


I asked my developer to record the screen showing everything he did and what happened.

He opened up his email and clicked the button that said "Set up your profile"

It took him to a Quick security check page where he had to enter a code.  He checked his email - got the code then entered it on the next page.

It then gave him a screen that asked him to create a password.  I saw him type his password as text somewhere else.  Then copy/paste it (with no extra spaces) in both password boxes.

He hit sumbit. 

It then gave him a page with big checkmark and said "You're all set!" redirecting...

It then gave him a login page where he pasted again his password - the username was pre-filled.

He clicked Log in and then it all went to hell.

It gave an error saying "Some of your info isn't correct.  Please try again."

We have tried for days - different userids, always with same result.  So, we finally tried asking PayPal for help - we even sent a link for the video (which they obviously didn't watch) and they still said the solution was we needed to upgrade from personal account to business account.  UGH!  I can't post video here because it contains passwords. 


Can someone help me?  Are we missing something?





Unable to get my developer onto my business account.


Hi markislandis1, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum, and welcome as a new member! 


Please clear your cache, and cookies and log into the account ensuring you type the password, and do not use the copy/paste option. This option can filter through our security system as an auto-fill, and may pose as a security risk on the account. 


- Siobhan 

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