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Unable to edit primary email, work around?

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I have changed my business name but am unable to change the primary email address which is confusing my customers. I also plan on phasing out this email address. I go to account settings, and edit email. It lists my primary email with an "edit" button next to it, but when I click on edit it tells me my primary email can not be changed. Seriously? (Why have an edit button then?) Does this mean I have to start an entirely new business page or is there a work around? Thanks in advance. 


Unable to edit primary email, work around?

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Go and click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > click on the + and add another/new email address first > verify it > go back and click on update and tick the box underneath that says make primary > then you should get the remove option by the old now no longer primary email. You can remove that one or leave it on as you can have up to 8 email addresses on the one paypal account.

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