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Sorry, we couldn't confirm its you

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So this is an alternative paypal adress. My main paypal which i cant say beccause it wont let me. Seems to not work. It has $38 in it and i wanna use it for a purchase. Whenever I try to login it tells me "For security reasons, "you'll need to reset your password" (I click the link and im told to enter my adress then i enter my adress [which i cant say because it wont freaking let me!], and i just get redirected back here Its annoying and i cant do anything its been 2hours nothing's changed. I would make this post using that account but it just tells me to do the same thing over and over even to make an account to chat here. If theres any paypal moderators please help me verify i can use email or the phone number linked to verify bruh. Help!

The weird part is how i got "flagged" in the first place because i use the same ip because its static


Sorry, we couldn't confirm its you


Hello @Hassan_Gulam,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! This is very frustrating to hear has been happening with your login experience. For assistance with this concern, we would need you to contact us directly for help. To get in contact with us, please visit the PayPal webpage and scroll to the bottom where you'll see 'Help&Contact' listed. Clicking on this will bring you to our Contact Us page where the available methods of contact are provided. This  issue can only be resolved by contacting our customer support team directly.



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