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How can I choose (state) Saudi Arabia when (Complete your profile to start using PayPal) for Shopify?

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Sounds as if you have opened a U.S paypal account (or another countries one) instead of one for your own country?
Go to the settings cog next to log out and check what NATIONALITY is showing on the left side of that page, is it for your country or not?

When you click to register a paypal account there is a drop down list of countries with U.S being the default top option as Paypal is a U.S company.
You then have to scroll down and click on your own country to open the correct Paypal account for that country.
You can't use another countries Paypal account as it would never work properly and may be limited.

If you have opened a U.S paypal account (or another countries) by mistake then you need to remove anything you have added and close it (if you can) and then open one for the correct country you are in.
Paypal is country specific and differs a lot country to country.

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