Issues with uploading legal documents


Hi PayPal Community,

I was trying to upload supporting documents to request a name change. I've upload all required documents.

But upon hitting Send, there's an error stating [object Object ]. Does anyone knows what the error means?


I'm not sure if I have successfully sent the documents. 

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Hi @hazel_lee,


Welcome to the community! Thank you for posting!


I'm sorry to hear that you're seeing an error when you try to upload. Please try clearing the cookies and cache in your browser and restart it. You can also try a different browser. Then log in again and try to reupload. Make sure that the file size is not too large. If you remain unable to attach the documents, please reach out to customer service. The contact options can be found by clicking Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website.


I hope you're able to get those documents uploaded swiftly!




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