I want to add a new number but it saus


I want to add a new number but it says check and try again in red fonts

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Hey @michaelviceral


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I appreciate this must be concerning. I would ask you to ensure you have the correct country code added. Also, you may only have the option to add a number that is registered within the country in which your account is registered. For example, if you have a UK account, you may only add a UK number. 


I would also ask that you please attempt to add your number using the PayPal Website rather than the PayPal App. It can also help to clear your cache and cookies and/or change the web browser you use. 


It could also be a security block so please wait 24 hours before attempting to add your number again. When you then try and add your number, please avoid using any VPNs. 


If you have tried and checked all the above tips and you are still all an error message, you may need to contact our customer service team. 


To contact our customer service team, click 'Help' or 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal Webpage. 

You can also contact us via Facebook PM's or Twitter DM's. 
For Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PayPal
For Twitter: @AskPayPal

I hope this helps, have a nice day! 

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