Am Allan [Removed] ,am going to be talking about signup and login issues

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PayPal staff we so annoyed we your customers you guys you treat us like garbage ,we people in Uganda we can't sign up because you tell us to put in Provinces and Zip code but you are the one to select for us provinces ,we can't receive sms messages to verify our accounts yet on other websites we receive them , PayPal is really trash if you have learned bankrupt tell us ,ba work on our issues, and also please let people write the provinces where they are from not you guys to choose for them o give them a list to choose from
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So if you live in Uganda why have you opened a Paypal account registered in Canada?

User AllanXavierJr: Canada Business Account


Maybe start registering a paypal account in the correct country if you want to add your countries address.  🙄

Then there would be no ''issues''.

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