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Iwant to close my account because my account had double ,this account is for my baby but my information is mine like id,name, contact number i dont know its really cause trouble in other account pls help me to close this account, i always try to close this account but im always lose , the paypal said sorry but there is the problem. Paypal pls help me



Hi @Yoona25


Welcome to the PayPal Community. 


You need to be over the age of 18 to have a PayPal account and the account must be in your own name. 


To close a PayPal account, see: 


This information might help


How do I close my PayPal account?


To close your PayPal account:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Account options, click Close your account.
  3. Follow the instructions.


  • Before you close your PayPal account, remove any financial information (card and bank account).
  • Withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account.
  • All pending payments will be automatically canceled.
  • To manually close your account, you must be logged into the PayPal website. This functionality is not available on the PayPal app.

If you have any outstanding limitations, you may need to contact our Customer Service team directly.


To contact our Customer Service team, click 'Help' or 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal Webpage. 

You can also contact us via Facebook or Twitter DM's. 

For Facebook:

For Twitter: @AskPayPal

I hope this helps, have a nice day! 


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