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I'm quite familiar with API concepts. But I find PayPal's documentation deeply inscrutable and confusing. For example, here are just some of the brands which are referred to, but never seem to be clearly defined or distinguished…


PayPal PayPal StandardPayPal Pro 
Website Payments PayPal Website Payments StandardPayPal Website Payments Pro 
PaymentsPayPal PaymentsPayPal Payments StandardPayPal Payments ProPayPal Payments Advanced
PayflowPayPal Payflow PayPal Payflow Pro 


Express/CheckoutPayPal ExpressPayPal Express CheckoutPayPal Checkout
CommercePayPal CommercePayPal Commerce Platform 


It's unclear: What these names refer to. What the products encompass. Whether these products are current, deprecated, legacy, or unsupported. Whether some are the same product rebranded. What countries they are available in. Which APIs they use.


A glossary and history of PayPal's products (defined in unambiguous terminology) would be extremely helpful to newcomers.