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Clarify Transaction Error Codes

Clarify Transaction Error Codes



We have been seeing various PayPal Transaction Error codes when a customer has some issue with their bank card, billing address, etc.   However, PayPal provides these error codes to the customer which are confusing and don't give any explanation as to the error, hence, the customer cannot take adequate steps to resolve it resulting in reduced sales/transaction rates for everyone involved.

A simple and effective solution would be to give the customer a clearer reason for the decline, i.e. describe the error code in laymans terms.


For example, a customer gets the following error code at checkout:

"PayPal gateway has rejected request. This transaction cannot be processed (#15005: Processor Decline)."


Instead, have the message state something of this sort:

"This transaction cannot be processed because your card's billing address may not match what you entered or your bank declined for some other reason; please verify this info and try again"


And basically do this for all error codes, so customers get clearer info on the declines and we can all avoid loosing customers to this.


Thank you for your consideration.


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Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @PEF_2018


I would agree that this would be an improvement and will pass on this suggestion to our Product teams. In the meantime, have you seen our Technical Support content that helps customers to troubleshoot these types of errors?