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Allow Shopify Stores to Send Tracking Info Automatically to PayPal

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Allow Shopify Stores to Send Tracking Info Automatically to PayPal

Having to perform this step manual is beyond a pain and frustrating, especially when the information for the order is provided. To literally have to have two browsers open so you can copy the tracking code manually from the Shopify order and then paste it into the PayPal transaction so that PayPal knows when the items have been delivered and can release your payment.... It truly an time consuming and unrealistic way to do business online. Imagine how long it takes to copy and paste 100 orders in a day???



To allow shopify to connect with PayPal account and when Shopify Tracking field is updated, it sends info to PayPal. Or have a button on either PayPal or Shopify side that is next to the tracking field and if the accounts are connected, it will send or fetch the tracking code from the Shopify store and populate the PayPal order with tracking info.


Either one of these solutions would be a huge benefit over having to manually copy and paste the tracking code info.