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required to verify my identity but it fails and I get no support

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paypal is getting scary these days

I received a lovely notification : verify your identity or we disable your account in 30 days


I try to verify my account but I'm stuck in the step 1 "business info" (I am actually a not-for-profit organization)

when I click next I get no error message, no nothing, it loads but it doesn't move to step 2, stuck in page 1 with no other option than "finish later"


I contact paypal support through the website, I send a message and get some irrelevant robot answer shortly after. it tells me to reply the message if not satisfactory so that's what I did, and guess what I get exactly the same irrelevant robot answer.


back in the days we could send a mail to support, get proper support via email, things have changed and it is scary

systems are faulty, support is extremely painful and they forward us to a forum and claim they are not accountable for the support we get here

what the hell paypal?

anybody knows how/if we can get through such situations?

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