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Paypal sides with scam buyer despite DHL confirming the buyer is lying

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Hello everyone. 

I have an issue with a buyer from India who opened an ebay account on May 06 and then purchased an iPhone from me.

Upon delivery he opened a case saying the box was empty.

I provided CCTV footage camera from DHL of the parcel and its weight and also an image of the item with the airway bill.

After several days the case was closed in my favor.

Yesterday, paypal suddenly decided to pull the funds from my account and refunded the buyer saying he provided further documents.


I appealed and provided email correspondency with DHL in which DHL confirms the following:

1. The parcel was opened at their facility and then repacked without leaving anything out.

2. As part of their investigation they revisited the buyer and he confirmed that everything is fine and nothing is missing.

Today, paypal closed the appeal in the buyer's favor.


Can someone please explain how can paypal aside with thieves despite clear evidence that the product was received and despite the fact that he declared to DHL that everything is fine???

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